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General FAQs

What is a Specialty Crop?

Please visit this USDA website for a complete explanation.

Terms and Conditions

Activity Tracking

We track the behavior of participants and visitors of this website using a variety of technologies. We can track all applicant activity and all activity related to posting a job. This information is used to help us refine the website as it grows, maintaining the most efficient user interface experience possible by providing shorter click paths to the desired information. It is also used by our own recruitment arm to fulfill our own organizational objectives. When you visit this website, your IP address is captured and stored in our logs.

We track applicant and job post activity, as well as resume uploads as required to optimize the performance of this site. Our administrative staff has full access to all files uploaded into our system. However, we only moderate the Job Listings process to make sure that the content posted to our site for Jobs or Internships is accurate and complete.

Data Security: No Expectation of Absolute Protection

While we do our best to secure our website against elicit file access, even the federal government and large technology institutions get hacked. Please be aware that if a data breach occurs, your information could be compromised. This could include accessing your resumes, your job listings, and even your account. You agree that all online systems carry this risk, and that is not unique in this regard. You agree not to share your account information through insecure methods such as shared systems e-mail or cleartext transmissions of user ID's and passwords. You agree not to attempt accessing your account from a public Wi-Fi access point without encryption.

Indemnification Agreement to Hold Harmless

By creating an account on this site and using it as a member, you agree to hold, it's parent organizations and stakeholders, and all individuals or organizational entities affiliated with the website's ongoing production and maintenance, harmless and without blame for for any breach of information that may occur due to malicious activity against the website.

Account Access is Conditional on Behavior

You agree not to engage in unprofessional behavior while using Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, abusive communications, deceitful advertising in job listings, enticement, screen-scraping, spamming the system manually, attempting to game the system with multiple accounts or multiple postings of the same job, and other activity that could be construed as undesirable. If such activity is determined to occur, will, at its discretion, decide on the appropriate course of action which can include, but is not limited to, account cancellation and/or seeking financial reparations if harm has been done to the system.

You agree that accounts cancelled for bad behavior are not entitled to refunds for job postings, and that such postings may be removed from the site without further notice by personnel.

No Agreement of Non-Compete

HR recruitment is part of or our own organization's business model, and if we see a viable candidate for a position we are also trying to fill we will likely approach that candidate. This means our organization and yours, if you are an "employer" member, can be in direct competition for resources you are paying to attract to your own business. By using this website you are explicitly agreeing that no atmosphere of non-compete nor contract of non-compete is possible, and that this is acceptable to you.

Web Use FAQs

Managing Job Alerts

Beneath the Apply for job button find the link Alert me to jobs like this.job-alerts-1

job-alerts-2Configure the Job Alert as needed, then click Save alert.

job-alerts-3The alert will appear in the table. When you hover over the Alert Name, the context menu appears beneath it so that you can manage the alert as you see fit.

Help, I'm Locked Out!

Our system will lockout any user ID or IP address that it determines is unusual behavior, sometimes even if no actual malicious activity is occurring. If you get locked out, you will need to contact us through our Support form, including any error codes displayed. Please do not include passwords in your submission. We can troubleshoot the issue most of the time without it. Some older browsers also do not efficiently reset their browser cache upon restart. This is a user-defined value you set yourself. If you are experiencing odd behavior when attempting to login, please find the instructions for clearing your particular browser cache, execute those instructions, and try again. If you are still encountering difficulty, please contact us through our Support form.

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