5 Resume tips for young professionals

Many young professionals make the mistake of not updating and revising their résumé after college. They then use the same college résumé to apply for jobs later in their career and are surprised to not earn interviews. But with a few simple changes and updates, you can avoid a résumé that screams 'fresh college grad'.

  1. Move around the order. Your résumé no longer should start with your education. You are a professional now, so have a résumé that shows it! Start with your experience! Move education down below experience.
  2. Remove most high school mentions. We don't really care where you went to high school nor do we really care if you were Senior class Secretary. But perhaps there are something's that are still worth a mention. Were you the representative to Boys or Girls State or similar high honor? That might still be worth including. But only include the best of the best for anything before your college degree.
  3. If you have a strong résumé with plenty of content, then you may want to remove your community college information. If you got a relevant degree there or did some great leadership work, keep it. But you don't need to mention finishing your GE work. If you got a 4 year degree then we all know that you got your GE done. Of course if the AA or AS was your highest degree earned then it stays.
  4. Think about the numbers. Did you supervise a crew, include how many. Did you grow sales or contacts, tell us by how much. A flat number or a % is fine. Numbers help your résumé stand out and showcase that you aren't just showing up, you make things happen.
  5. Include your professional affiliations. Tell me what you are a member of, maybe where you volunteer. Especially tell me if you have a leadership role in any organizations you are involved in. Showcase that you are someone who gets involved and takes on a challenge.

With a few quick changes you can make yourself more young professional, less recent graduate and give you a much better chance of landing a great new job!