Assistant General Manager

  • Full Time
  • Colusa

Website Reclamation District 1004

1. Assist in managing the day-to-day operations of the district.

  • Running the water either personally or by staff i.e. starting/stopping/maintaining appropriate flow.
  • Timeliness of delivery of water i.e. communication with water users on all delivery timing and supply.
  • Monitoring quality of water.
  • Keep Board informed of water use and major obstacles to delivering water
  • Secure materials for projects and maintenance of facilities and equipment.
  • Attend all Board Meetings

2. Maintain Infrastructure

  • Maintaining or fixing water conveyance structures as needed.
  • Assist in maintaining a list of upcoming projects
  • 1 yr, 2 yr, 3 yr, 5 yr plan for projects or repairs.
  •   Maintain ditches
  • Spraying weeds.
  • Taking care of all testing and reporting of chemical use to the proper govt. agency’s, either personally or through a third party consultant.
  • Informing the Board on the status of the chemical use and reporting at every Board meeting during the season.
  • Cleaning ditches.
  • Make a plan and report on ditches to be mechanically cleaned during the year.
  • Inform the manager of any emergency repairs needed during the season of  significant expense, and any other necessary operations.
  • Maintain roads for easy ditch management and access.
  • Maintain levees
  • Inspect all levees periodically.
  • Report to manager current and potential problems.
  • Perform regular maintenance as needed.
  • Supervise major repairs as directed by the manager.
  • Remove old unused structures, metal and concrete debris to a central location for efficient and proper disposal or storage.

3. Maintain Pumps

  • Day-to-day servicing.
  • Schedule major repairs and maintenance as needed. Inform the manager of these repairs.
  • Arrange for outside repairs if needed.
  • Report to the manager each month on the condition of equipment.

4. Maintain Equipment

  • Normal servicing of portable pumps, backhoes, tractors and trucks, etc.
  • Maintenance of portable irrigation pipe.
  • Assist in developing a long range maintenance and asset turnover program.
  • Determine probable life of equipment.
  • Estimate possible major future repairs.
  • Keep manager informed twice a year on condition of assets.
  • Inform manager of any emergency or unplanned repairs.

5. Maintain or oversee water meters

  • Make sure meters are regularly inspected and properly calibrated.
  • Make sure staff reads and repairs meters.
  • Purchase new meters when old meters become un-repairable.

6. Land owner relations

  • Communicate with the manager, water users, land owners and the Board.
  • Inform the manager of any issues involving landowners or water users.
  • Resolve disputes, if possible.
  • Make sure rules and regulations are followed.
  • Communicate with the manager and landowners over access issues.
  • Communicate with the manager and landowners over maintenance and repair issues i. e. head gate replacements and drainage structures etc.

7. Labor relations/Field Staff

  • Assist the manager in directing the work of field staff

 8. Record Keeping

  • Assist in keeping and reporting records of water use and utility use.
  • Record and report on progress of various projects.
  • Provide records and input to Secretary to help develop the Agenda for Board meetings.
  • Assist in preparing reports and documentation as required by the Bureau of Reclamation and CA Dept of Water Resources.
  • Crop use report
  • Princeton Pumping log (servicing of plant, cfs, usage)


  • Four-Year College Degree (two-year degree also considered)
  • Past experience operating heavy equipment
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Ability to obtain a pesticide applicator’s license
  • 3 year experience in the water industry is desirable

Compensation and Benefit Package

$1,200 per month contribution towards Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

Vacation 1-5 years of service 80 hours – 6 years of service forward 120 hours

Sick leave 9 days per year

Retirement – 8% of employee’s annual salary

Holidays – 9 per year

Social Security benefits

Salary $65,000.00 – $90,000.00

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