Assistant Farm Manager


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Summary: The Assistant Farm Manager plays a key role in multiple aspects of the farming operation, including training and performing various tasks to assist with the management of the operation. The assistant manager acts as liaison between management and workers. The position may be required to fulfill others duties as assigned by the supervisors. This is an at will position.


  • Knowledge of general farming operations, equipment operation and irrigation systems.
  • Management and training experience.
  • Proficient and/or willing to learn all facets of rice and nut production.
  • Position requires good hand eye coordination to operate the electronic features of modern equipment.
  • Read and write in English.
  • Valid driver’s license (commercial driver’s license a plus).

Essential Functions

  • Ability to operate all farm machinery including tractors, mowers, fertilization application equipment, combines, sprayers and earthmoving equipment using GPS technology. Machine operation may take place working in very close proximity to other machines and operators (ie. bankout and harvester, farm vehicles, etc.)
  • Train other employees to operate equipment.
  • Report and record work activity or progress.
  • Assist co-workers in performing specific duties.
  • Maintain equipment and facilitates in proper operating conditions and make necessary repairs.
  • Ensure company policies are followed and maintain employee safety and health.
  • Conduct minor equipment repair and service, always using standard precautionary measures. (ability to weld a plus)
  • Serve as an irrigator.
  • Work around chemicals and must follow the safety guidelines on manufacturer labels.
  • Provide and understand written and verbal directions/instructions.
  • Oversee and implement facility and grounds maintenance and repair.
  • Work well with others and be able to assist colleagues in completing collaborative tasks.
  • Provide leadership, support and oversight to Agricultural Technicians, including a “see by example” training of all farm tasks.


  • Ability to work independently.
  • Enforce company safety policies.
  • Train employees.
  • Track employee time, production, and performance.
  • Assist with regulatory, grant and crop production documentation and reporting.
  • Complete required training and have a willingness to participate in additional learning opportunities to expand skills to meet farm needs.
  • Communicate with external business affiliates (equipment repair, PCA, irrigation district, etc.)
  • Oversee employee performance and production.
  • The employee is expected to show up to work on time and in appropriate work attire to remain safe around the farming operation.
  • Participate and conduct safety trainings and follow instructions and directions provided during trainings.
  • Assistant Manager is required to abide by all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. In addition, they are not to use any illegal substances or be under the influence of alcohol at any time.

Physical Demands

  • Remain alert and aware of surroundings including hazards, other equipment and people.
  • Operate all farm machinery for extended periods of time.
  • Climb up onto and down from equipment.
  • Use proper techniques to lift up to 75 pounds.
  • Climb up and down ladder as necessary.
  • Able to manipulate small hand tools.
  • Ability to bend down regularly to perform irrigation tasks.
  • Work in confined spaces to repair equipment and conduct inspections.
  • The position will perform manual labor production duties such as hoeing, fence repair, landscaping, mowing, pruning, weeding and shoveling.
  • Assistant Manager will experience prolonged periods of sitting and/or standing (including on concrete) while on the job.
  • Required to work both in periods of daytime and nighttime operations.
  • Will work outdoors for extended periods of time, including in inclement weather such as rain and heat.
  • The position requires duties around waterways and in the water to complete tasks.
  • Will be working in muddy terrain, required to bend down numerous times during a day to check water depth and adjust irrigation levels.

Benefits: negotiable (vehicle stipend, phone stipend)

Hourly Wage: $30 and up DOE

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