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The agricultural industry has twice the number of jobs as new grads seeking careers in Ag nationwide. The California agriculture market has more jobs in Agronomy and Crop Science than it has job seekers. With a ratio closer to 4 jobs for every student graduating with degrees in crop and plant science, recruiting qualified candidates requires a dedicated team.

Agriculture industry professionals in Human Resources know who they want to hire, but their perfect candidate isn’t necessarily a contact. They simply don’t have enough hours in the day to sift through the pool of applicants who may or may not be a fit.

Our CalAgJobs recruiting services are the unique solution you’ve been seeking. When you put our strong relationships and deep network to work, you gain access to top-tier talent from within the agriculture community.

Instead of placing the burden on your HR team, outsource direct to the source. We are your best resource for connecting with qualified candidates seeking employment in agriculture as well as those not actively looking but open to new opportunities.

Don’t waste time and resources on candidates who might not be a fit. Make the most of your budget by signing on with our CalAgJobs recruiting team. It’s our job to help you hire right the first time.

  • Our CalAgJobs team lives on family farms. Agriculture is our livelihood and our lifestyle
  • We are embedded in the community, and trusted by job seekers
  • Beyond our local community, we have an unparalleled presence across virtual communities, across relevant social media groups, we also have a strong group of followers who engage with our blog posts, and rely on the information we share in email newsletters as well as our job alerts system.
  • Our team has a strong presence at Agriculture Industry events, conferences and university programs.
  • We provide your Human Resources team a cost effective way of promoting job opportunities directly to a targeted pool of qualified candidates, saving your staff time and money.

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