9 Tips To Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro

You nailed your interviews and the company wants to offer you a job – now it’s time for salary negotiation. Is it just us or does this part sometimes feel the most intimidating? Don’t worry – we’ve got 9 tips to help you negotiate your salary like a pro and secure a paycheck and benefits that match your skills and worth. 

1. Know your worth

Before you even set foot in the negotiation arena, do your homework. Research ag industry salary benchmarks for your role, considering factors like location and experience.

2. Keep your cards close

It’s common for hiring managers or HR pros to ask for salary expectations up front so they don’t waste time interviewing someone whose expectations are out of their budget. Don’t show your cards just yet! Counter their question first by asking what their budget range is. This can help you adjust your expectations on the fly if you want to. This is especially important if what you were going to ask for was lower than what their goal range is – it might give you a chance to make more money than you thought you could!

3. Give them a range

When asked about your expected salary, you should provide a range as well. Aim a bit higher than what you’re willing to settle for. You’re not picking a random number; you’re setting a bar.

4. Showcase your skills

Spotlight your ag-related skills and accomplishments that make you a valuable asset and the ultimate catch for the job.

5. Don’t forget the perks

Salary isn’t the only carrot on the stick. Remember, benefits like flex time, remote work, health packages, and professional development are up for negotiation too.

6. Stay cool, calm, and collected

Negotiations are like nurturing a plant. Keep the conversation positive and collaborative. It’s about growing something together, not tearing the other side down.

7. Practice your poker face

When they present their offer, keep your poker face intact. Ask for some time to consider it.

8. Counteroffer with tact

If their offer is below what you want, counteroffer gracefully. Use phrases like “I was hoping for something closer to…” rather than “Are you kidding me?”

9. Seal the deal with gratitude

Once an agreement is reached, show genuine appreciation. A heartfelt “Thank you, I’m excited to contribute to the team” goes a long way in sealing the deal.

Remember, salary negotiation isn’t a standoff; it’s a mutual growth opportunity. You’re presenting your value, not haggling at a market stall. Both sides want this relationship to thrive. So, arm yourself with these tips and harvest a compensation package that reflects your skills and dedication.