Career Fair Preparation

A career fair is a great way to make connections with employers and their companies. Showing up prepared is necessary to make these connections as effective for your professional growth as possible. Below are a few ways to be prepared and make a lasting impact on the employers you connect with:

  • Have a resume prepared that is tailored to the industry you are hoping to work in and you will be hoping to meet with at the fair.
  • Choose professional clothing when meeting with employers.
  • Have a short 30-60 second answer prepared for if they ask you to tell them about yourself.
  • Think about what types of job roles you would be interested in or what qualifications you have that lead you to seeking this type of job.
  • Most career fairs will have a list of employers who will be attending. You can plan out your day ahead of time to make sure you’re reaching every employer who fits your career goals.

During the career fair, you can maximize your takeaways by following these tips:

  • If your meetings are virtual, make sure to turn on the camera if you have one.
  • Be willing to share about yourself, show interest through active listening, and ask thoughtful questions.

Your actions after the career fair also make a difference. Try using some of these ideas:

  • Connect with the employers you meet with on LinkedIn. You can also message them a thank you for their time spent meeting with you or mention any helpful advice they gave you.
  • If you are not currently job seeking an immediate position, take note of who you talked to at the companies you hope to work for someday. When you’re ready to job search you can send an updated resume to the employers you have spoken to at those companies and mention your meeting.

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