Curating Your Job Story

Curating Your Job Story

Curating your job story is essential when applying for a job role. The employer seeks experienced individuals who demonstrate dedication to the specific area they are hiring for. Regardless of your job experience and education, you can always weave together your story to perfectly complement the jobs you apply for. Read on to learn how to begin curating your job story.

The Process of Creating a Story from Experience

This process is more simple than it seems. Take a look at your resume as it is a culmination of your past experiences, education, certifications, community service, organizational work, and more. Now you need to find the common thread. Look at what similar traits these experiences hold and how what you did, learned, and achieved all relate to each one. Once you have a list of these related takeaways from your past roles, you can begin crafting a story about how those things have prepared you for the position you hope to get next.

Construct and Pitch Your Story

For example, you are hoping to work as an office assistant. You have experience as a teacher’s assistant and on the officer team in FFA. Realizing that both these roles taught you to be organized, take feedback from others, and work with computer files. You now have a pitch ready for yourself when the employer asks why you are a good fit for the office assistant role since you can reference what you learned and how that shaped who you have become.

Once you’ve curated ideas for your job experience story, you can start preparing for delivering it at your next interview. We recommend practicing your delivery with a friend before your interview. Learn more about preparing for an interview here.