Describing Past Job Roles Effectively

Describing Past Job Roles Effectively

Figuring out how to explain on your resume what you accomplished in your past positions can be difficult. Follow our tips for describing your past job roles effectively. Start by looking back on all your past experiences and think about what specific job roles you embodied.

What did an average day’s work include? What special projects did you work on? Next, think about a professional and impressive way to explain what you came up with. The list of verbs below can give you a head start on how to accurately and eloquently explain what you achieved while working in your past roles. By using these verbs you are actively expressing to employers what skills you earned by completing your job tasks.


disseminated, explained, influenced, interpreted, mediated, planned, presented, proposed, reported, researched, promoted, translated, wrote


conceived, designed, developed, devised, established, illustrated, imagined, improvised, improved, originated, invented, performed, updated, visualized


accounted, allocated, audited, balanced, budgeted, calculated, estimated, forecasted, formulated, invested, projected

Human Relations:

advised, assisted, counseled, encouraged, facilitated, helped, guided, listened


achieved, administered, assigned, chaired, coached, coordinated, delegated, directed, evaluated, governed, initiated, implemented, judged, led, managed, motivated, negotiated, persuaded, produced, scheduled, supervised


adjusted, determined, diagnosed, examined, executed, identified, planned, recommended, reconciled, reviewed, selected, verified


assessed, compared, compiled, defined, drafted, interviewed, organized, solved, summarized


assembled, built, engineered, inspected, installed, maintained, mapped, operated, programs, repaired, tested


demonstrated, evaluated, instructed, taught, trained


completed, interacted, introduced, joined, prepared, utilized


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