Finding your Career Path in Agriculture

Finding Your Career Path in Agriculture

Finding your career path in agriculture leaves you with a plethora of options within the industry. There are many easy and practical steps you can take to find a better understanding of where you would like to go in your career. These tactics relate to making connections with industry professionals. Attending career fairs and connecting with professionals both in-person and virtually can help you decide what areas of the industry fit your interests and experiences best.

Companies with Career Paths in Agriculture

Start by exploring companies that interest you. Look at which positions within those companies are the roles you could envision yourself in as an end goal. Then view who currently is employed in those roles you’re interested in. LinkedIn allows you to see the past job roles those individuals were employed with. Make sure to also view their past educational experiences to see if you have similar experiences. You can then see what path you need to take to get yourself to your end goal job role. Repeat this process and compare positions to see what you believe will be a good fit for you.

If you lack a specific interest, attending career fairs or searching job postings on can provide insight into available companies and job roles. Internships offer an opportunity to gain valuable career experience! Explore a subsection of the agriculture industry before making future career decisions.