Follow-up Email

You applied for the job role, you landed the interview, and it went great! The process isn’t over yet while you wait for a response from the employer regarding whether you got the role. A follow-up email can make the difference between whether or not you are considered for the position. Sometimes, an employer needs the reminder to look at your application and consider you once more.

The email subject line is a make or break detail, as it will determine if the email is opened or not. State your name and the job title that you interviewed for. This will jog the memory of the employer and stand out beyond the other emails in their full inbox.

A follow-up email shouldn’t be just that. Instead of saying, “just following-up”, make a bigger, and more meaningful impression. Say you want to provide another detail of information about yourself and do so. You can also state your availability for a follow-up interview if the employer had mentioned the possibility of one in the first interview. Lastly, you can ask an important and valuable question related to the job role or company.

The most important task here is to keep communication flowing. You can ask if they need more info from you as well. Make sure to sign off with an email signature that contains your contact info, such as your phone number and email address.

After sending this follow-up email you’ve made your best effort to connect with the employer and advocate for yourself to get the role. Now all you have to do is diligently check your email and answer your phone calls in case further contact is desired by the employer. Best of luck job seekers! Make sure to start your application process with job opportunities found at