How to Best Utilize CalAgJobs as a Candidate

Today we would like to share how to best utilize CalAgJobs as a candidate. There are a variety of resources available from CalAgJobs to you as a candidate that we recommend utilizing to improve your job search and career journey.

First, we recommend creating a candidate account. This will be used to log-in to the CalAgJobs website you are on now. Once logged in you can:

  • upload a resume
  • apply to jobs

Your next valuable step to take is subscribing to our e-newsletter. The CalAgJobs e-newsletter sends new jobs and internships straight to your email inbox each week. This means you won’t need to be checking our website for updated opportunities. You can sign up here.

Another way to make sure you won’t miss out on any new opportunities is to follow our social media platforms. Over there, we post about jobs, internships, tips and tricks, and more! Follow us on:

CalAgJobs has written resources available for you to read here:

  • The resources tab contains articles regarding resumes, interviews, career fairs and more to help you be prepared

We hope you enjoyed learning about how to best utilize CalAgJobs as a candidate. If you have any questions please email or submit a contact form at the bottom of