How To Show Off Your Accomplishments on Your Resume

Ready to elevate your resume from a list of tasks to a bouquet of achievements that will stand out from the crowd? We’re here to help you plant the seeds of success and show potential employers what a superstar you are. It’s time to dig deep into the art of showcasing your accomplishments, quantifying your wins, and demonstrating the value you bring to the table. Get ready to reap the rewards of a standout resume!

Why Should You Show Off?

Employers view dozens of resumes and we want yours to stand out. The way to stand out is to not just list your responsibilities, but to instead show them what you have accomplished – which indicates what you could accomplish for the potential employer in a new role with them. This will make people say, “Wow, hire this person!”

With that in mind, here are our top ten tips for how to amp up your resume and show off your accomplishments:

  1. Cherry-Pick Your Achievements

Instead of flooding your resume with every accomplishment ever, pick a few that are the most significant. Think of them as the ripest fruit in your career orchard. Quality over quantity, always.

  1. Back It Up with Numbers

Quantify your achievements whenever you can. Did you increase crop yield by 25%? Lead a team of 10 field experts? Did you increase sales by 20%? Or maybe saved the company money? Numbers give your successes a solid foundation.

  1. Harness the STAR Technique

Tell your achievement stories using the STAR technique: Situation, Task, Action, Result. Paint a picture of your journey – from challenge to victory.

  1. Tailor for Relevance

Customize your achievements to match the agricultural job you’re gunning for. If they’re seeking someone with management skills, spotlight your success in managing a team. If this is a sales role, showcase your sales numbers. If the job description screams “leadership,” focus on accomplishments that highlight leadership skills.

  1. Show Impact

Don’t just state what you did – explain why it mattered. Did your innovation streamline processes? Did your management skills enhance ranch efficiency? Talk about it.

  1. Sprinkle Value Everywhere

Employers want to know how your achievements added value. Did you save resources, boost profit margins, or streamline processes? Put those value-added accomplishments front and center. Showcase how your achievements positively impacted the company’s bottom line, growth, or efficiency.

  1. Spotlight Transferable Skills

Even if your achievement isn’t directly related to the job you’re aiming for, highlight the transferable skills you have that can be applied to the role you’re pursuing and make you a versatile candidate.

  1. Blend Hard and Soft Skills

Don’t limit yourself to tangible results. Highlight your leadership in managing a team during a critical planting season or your effective communication with suppliers.

  1. Include Awards and Recognitions

If you’ve earned agriculture industry awards, certifications, or recognitions, make sure to feature them. They’re like gold stars on your resume.

  1. Power Up with Action Words

Utilize action-packed verbs like “led,” “harvested,” “optimized,” “initiated,” and “sustained” to describe your achievements. They add punch to your statements and make you stand out from the sea of “responsible for.”

The Bounty of Achievements

Remember, employers don’t just want to know what you did, they want to see how you’ve sown success in your field. By showcasing your achievements, quantifying your results, and demonstrating your value, you’re painting a picture of the impressive farmer, researcher, or ag professional you are. You’re not just describing your past, you’re showing your future potential as well. So, don’t shy away from those victories – gather them up, sprinkle in some numbers, and get ready to reap the rewards in your ag job hunt. You’re planting the seeds of a fruitful career, one achievement at a time!