LinkedIn Recruiters

LinkedIn recruiters might be in your inbox.

Have you checked recently? CalAgJobs recruits for job roles in agriculture. We recruit in many ways, including by finding qualified candidates on LinkedIn.

You may already have job opportunities waiting for you in your LinkedIn messages! Recruiters are seeking you for their roles. If a company reaches out with a role that is not exactly what you are seeking still take advantage of this contact. Respond to the recruiters with a message explaining your career goals. Most likely they will be willing to help you find a role that fits your needs or keep you on their radar if a position opens for you. Making connections is an important step in networking which can lead to your dream job role. Getting the right people to see you is most of the battle in finding a role. All you need then is the skills to back it up.

If you are actively seeking a job role it could be of interest to make your profile attractive to LinkedIn recruiters. This can be done by using a profile photo frame that states you’re open to work or listing it in your biography. You can also post your resume in your biography. Make sure you include your contact information on your profile so recruiters can reach you without having to pay to contact you while not connected to you through LinkedIn In-mail messaging.

A recruiter is looking for keywords in your profile that match their job roles. Have accurate and detailed information listed for your job roles, college majors, and even other valuable experiences that may contain keywords relating to job descriptions and job titles you are seeking.

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