Stand out to Recruiters

Are you searching for a new job role? Recruiters are seeking you as well! You can use the following tips to learn how to stand out to recruiters which will simplify and accelerate the process of finding your next role. You never know who may have the right role waiting for you!

The biggest hurdle in the recruiting process is making the connection between recruiter and candidate. Luckily, there are ways as a candidate open to work that you can make yourself visible to a recruiter and more likely to be contacted.

Make sure your LinkedIn shows your interest in being contacted by recruiters. This can be done by using an open to work profile picture banner. Another tactic is writing that you are open to work in your bio. When adding this information, you’ll want to include what industries and roles you are seeking to work in. You can also attach your resume to your account. A resume is a tell-tale sign to a recruiter that you’re actively searching for a new role.

If you are open to work, but don’t want your current employer to be aware, you can be the one to reach out to recruiters. This can be as easy as finding a company you’d like to work for and messaging their recruiter or HR manager. You can also reach out to general recruiters in the industry you’re seeking to work in. For example, if you’d like a job in the agriculture industry, you can reach out to our recruiter here: When contacting a recruiter include the following information: you’re interested in being considered for open roles and what roles you are open to.

Arguably the most important advice you should follow as a candidate seeking to be contacted for available roles is to have your contact information easily available. This means making sure your LinkedIn profile has the settings to public for your contact information. Often times a recruiter only has a small number of LinkedIn messages allotted per month. If your email is available, the recruiter is more likely to be able to contact you over other candidates that will require a LinkedIn InMail message.

To stand out to recruiters focus on having a clear explanation of roles you’d like to be considered for and available contact information that allows a recruiter to do so. Take advantage of these tips to bring you one step closer to a possible connection with a recruiter who has the role for you.

Follow-up with recruiters that have contacted you. Even if you aren’t the fit for one role, there may be one down the line that fits your needs and experience. Whether or not a recruiter reaches out first or you do, don’t fear reaching out multiple times to put yourself back at the front of their minds.

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