Tailoring your Resume

Your resume is often times the first impression that is made with a prospective employer. It is important to make sure you are tailoring your resume to the positions you are applying for and the industry they fall into. To do this, make sure to include and expand on any skills that are related to the job you’re applying for or the company in general. You can also do this in a more broad sense when applying to many jobs by tailoring your resume to a specific industry. For example, if you’re applying to jobs specifically in agronomy, tailor your resume tell employers about your skills in that field rather than having separate resumes for each agronomy based job you apply for. This can save you time, while still being specialized enough in your resume language.

Tailoring your resume is an important step that can be supplemented with learning to write an impressive cover letter. Learn more here. Once your resume is ready you can apply for your job or internship role with CalAgJobs. You can also view our job and internship postings on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.