Virtual Interviews

Virtual interviews are more common now than ever. The CalAgJobs team works remotely, therefore we have some tips for you about virtual interviews.

  • Test your camera and microphone on the application you will be using prior to the interview. For example, if you’re using Zoom you should download and test the application to see if your device functions properly.
  • Make the background behind you simple so it is not distracting to the interviewer. virtual interviews
  • Dress professionally as you’ll still be seen on video.
  • Your confidence will be less based on non-verbals than usual, yet you should focus on eye contact, smiling, and staying in frame.
  • Set yourself up a comfortable distance from the camera. Don’t be too close or far away.
  • Turn off notifications on your device and silence all other distractions in your space.
  • It will be harder to portray your personality behind a screen therefore you should focus on being authentic and spirited.
  • Don’t forget to follow up the same way you would for an in-person interview and thank the interviewers for the time they took to call you.

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