Why apply on CalAgJobs.com?

Why apply on CalAgJobs.com?

Applying for jobs on CalAgJobs isn’t like applying on any other job site. As a candidate here at CalAgJobs you are gaining access to jobs and companies based in California, all for free! Our goal is to bring you one step closer to your next career in agriculture. We fuel our mission to connect agricultural employers and qualified candidates with a strong desire to see the agriculture industry grow and thrive. As a job candidate you play an important role in making this a possibility!

On top of applying for jobs at CalAgJobs.com, you can also send in your resume for consideration in our recruitment process. Here at CalAgJobs we have always had every job listing up on our website and available to you to apply for. However, if you’re not staying up to date with our most recent roles, we can proactively contact you when we identify a good fit for one of our positions. Send your resume to madeline@calagjobs.com to be entered into our confidential resume database. We will never share your resume with employees without your prior permission.

Another great reason to apply with CalAgJobs is the plethora of resources we have available to you as a candidate.

Not only do we have resources on CalAgJobs.com, but we are also always open to inquiries; whether those be about the jobs we have posted, or simply about jobs in agriculture in general. No matter the question, we’re here to help you grow within the agriculture industry we care so deeply for.

You now know many reasons to apply on CalAgJobs.com. Start today by creating a candidate account and submitting your first application. Also remember to send your resume in for consideration in our recruitment roles and stay up to date on roles by subscribing to our e-newsletter and social media platforms.