Growing Your LinkedIn Network 5 Strategies for Connecting with Ag Professionals

Growing Your LinkedIn Network: 5 Strategies for Connecting with Ag Professionals

September 14, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of agriculture, having a strong professional network can be a game-changer for your career growth and success. LinkedIn is a great place to maintain relationships with the ag professionals you have worked with in your career and to connect with like-minded individuals, gain industry insights, and explore exciting career prospects. Whether…

Considering a career change into agriculture?

Considering a career change into agriculture?

August 24, 2023

Considering a career change into the agriculture industry? Making a career change can be a rewarding and fulfilling decision. Whether you’re coming from a completely different field or looking to explore your passion for agriculture, embarking on this journey requires strategic job search techniques tailored to your unique transition. Here, we’ll explore job search strategies…

Master Body Language in Job Interviews

Silent Signals: How to Master Body Language in Job Interviews

August 3, 2023

Great news: You’ve landed the job interview you wanted! Congratulations!  Now that it’s scheduled, are you ready for it? Job interviews are nerve-wracking experiences for many, and it’s only natural to feel a bit anxious. As you prepare, you might be focusing on your resume, qualifications, and interview answers – and rightfully so! But there’s…

How to Grow Your Ag Network for Career Success

July 13, 2023

If you’re cultivating your career in the agriculture industry, there’s a crucial skill you need to master—networking. Building connections is a long term investment in your career, just like planting permanent crops. Whether you’re just starting out or aiming for the top, mastering the art of networking can take you places you never imagined. So,…

Resume Dos and Don'ts: How to Create an Effective Ag Resume

Resume Dos and Don’ts: How to Create an Effective Ag Resume

June 22, 2023

Looking to spruce up your resume? You’ve come to the right place! Crafting a standout resume can be a game-changer when it comes to landing your dream job or advancing your career. With these must-dos and absolute don’ts, you’ll create a resume that’ll have agriculture employers begging for an interview.  DO Flaunt Your Skills and…

Agriculture Jobs on Instagram

January 10, 2022

CalAgJobs is active on Instagram! Agriculture jobs on your feed? Stay up to date with the ever-evolving world of agriculture jobs, internships, and career opportunities effortlessly through @CalAgJobs on Instagram! Our platform provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily keep track of the most recent job postings and gain valuable industry insights.…

Choosing a Career Path

August 2, 2021

Choosing a career path! Navigating career choices can be overwhelming. At CalAgJobs, we have gathered some tips and well-formulated ideas to help you make the right choice. A great first place to start is Dr. John Holland’s Career Interest Game. Dr. Holland’s game states that there are six main career interests, those being realistic, investigative,…

LinkedIn Recruiters

July 27, 2021

LinkedIn recruiters might be in your inbox. Have you checked recently? CalAgJobs recruits for job roles in agriculture. We recruit in many ways, including by finding qualified candidates on LinkedIn. You may already have job opportunities waiting for you in your LinkedIn messages! Recruiters are seeking you for their roles. If a company reaches out…

National Intern Day, July 29th

July 9, 2021

National Intern Day is coming up on July 29th, 2021! This day is a perfect time to consider the numerous benefits of internships in one’s career journey. Internship opportunities are often time the first step on the way to obtaining a career in the field desired by a candidate. Internships also show an employer that…

Why apply on CalAgJobs.com?

July 1, 2021

Why apply on CalAgJobs.com? Applying for jobs on CalAgJobs isn’t like applying on any other job site. As a candidate here at CalAgJobs you are gaining access to jobs and companies based in California, all for free! Our goal is to bring you one step closer to your next career in agriculture. We fuel our…