Your Strategic Thank You Note

Make the most of your interview; follow-up with a strategically written “thank you” message.

Opinions swirl as to if a post-interview thank you message is worth the applicant’s time. If you make the most of your message….it absolutely is! It’s polite. It’s professional. And it just might tip the scale in your favor. Read More→

Your Resume: Pack it Right!

I am so excited to partner with CalAgJobs as a resume writer and career coach. For this inaugural blog post, here’s some comprehensive advice in the form of a story to illustrate your strategy for resume composition.  Read More→

Before, During, and After an Internship

Navigating what you should do before, during, and even after an agriculture internship can be tricky, especially if it is your first internship. However, with a good work ethic and effective communication, you can ensure that you will have a successful internship that may lead you into a career in agriculture. Read More→

Internships Can Lead to Your Dream Job

Chris Garmon and Megan Jacobsen started their careers as agriculture students who took on internships. Megan was a 2008 graduate from Fresno State in Agricultural Communications and Chris was an Agricultural Science major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Chris and Megan both used their strong education in agriculture and a good work ethic during their internships to launch their agricultural careers and land their dream job. Read More→

The Value of Internships

It takes a special kind of person to walk through a field in the mid-summer heat of the Central Valley. To those in agriculture, it’s just another Wednesday. Therefore, it is important for the next generation of agriculturalists to know what a career in California’s top industry entails. Read More→

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